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Portable lights for
Industrial and Emergency Applications

The EXIN LIGHT is a range of portable lights for the emergency and industrial industries. With a commitment to innovation and product development we are proud to produce the most efficient and cost effective range of industrial LED lighting products available. EXIN LIGHT portable lights are fully self contained, weather proof for use in most conditions. 

All of the EXIN LIGHT products are specifically designed and developed to perform in a wide range of applications, Mining sector, Hire industry and Service providers such as utilities (gas, water and electricity), Railway industry, Road maintenance, Emergency services, Disaster control and recreational use. 


Long run time

Our portable lights are designed for a hassle free long run time

Simple cording

Reducing tripping hazards in your everyday work environment.

Industrial lights being used at mining site
Industrial lighting being used for visibility at train station


These accessories are for the industrial range lights only.


The new and improved EXIN LIGHT Tripod is designed to have the Portable EXIN LIGHT attached to a Base Plate and then screwed onto the top of the Tripod Frame.

Pole Attachment

The Pole Attachment is designed to fit the uniquely designed base of the IN series EXIN LIGHT.

Scaffold Attachment

The EXIN LIGHT Scaffold Attachment is designed to fit securely around scaffolding frames adding security and multiple use at your work site.

Safety Signs

The EXIN LIGHT safety signs are transparent and attach to the light head.