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IECEx, ATEx and International Standards

IECEx and ATEx certifications have been obtained for all EXIN industrial lights that are designed for use in explosion risk areas such as mining, petroleum and oil refineries, sewerage and high dust industries. Other products meet or exceed Australian and International Standards for LED portable lighting.

EXIN Light – Portable LED lighting for a broad range of industrial applications

EXIN Light is a manufacturer and supplier of portable lights for industrial and emergency applications. The Managing Director developed EXIN’s unique patented LED light assembly, after finding other industrial lights were not user-friendly. In particular, EXIN’s portable lights solve the problems of height and angle adjustment, forgotten charging cables, attachment issues and inadequate run times.

Global distribution

EXIN Light is committed to innovative product development and providing the most efficient and cost effective range of industrial LED lighting products available. Supplying globally through international distributors, EXIN Light focuses on portability, ease of use, safety and resilience.

Importantly, the EXIN Light Development Team work throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA researching client needs so that new LED portable lighting products are always created with the end user in mind. Technical support and spare parts supply back up the service commitment to all EXIN Light distributors and users.


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