Portable lights for Industrial and Emergency Applications


The EXIN Light is a range of portable lights for the emergency and industrial industries. With a commitment to innovation and product development we are proud to produce the most efficient and cost effective range of industrial LED lighting products available. EXIN Light portable lights are fully self contained weather proof unit for use in most conditions.

All of the EXIN Light products are specifically designed and developed to perform in a wide range of applications. Mining Sector, Hire Industry and Service Providers such as utilities (gas, water and electricity), railway trades people, road maintenance, emergency services, disaster control and recreational use.

When using the EXIN Light you’ll never be caught out with leaving charging cables at home, on site or in the office. Wherever the case may be, the EXIN Light comes equipped with a storage compartment built within the body, created specifically for its charging process. Designed for hassle free long run time, non tangling cords or tripping hazards in your everyday work environment.

EXIN Light Accessories

The full EXIN Light range of portable lights come with a uniquely designed base. The Base provides the option to add and remove a range of portable light EXIN Light Attachments.

The optional attachments include

  • Tripod for added height and angle
  • Pole Attachment to secure the EXIN Light safely to a Power Pole or similar objects
  • Scaffold Attachment for safe use on Work Sites and a Stabilising Plate for when those rough weather conditions arise
  • Solar Panel providing the added convenience to simply fold and store within the body of the EXIN Light when not in use
  • Safety Signs that clip over the Light Head
  • comfortable strap Backpacks with Hi Vis Strips for your safety while you are mobile.



EXIN Light products are stocked within Australia by our preferred supplier Blackwoods.

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Alternatively, browse our range online and contact EXIN Light to find your closest distributor.